Additional Skills to Master

Once you’ve mastered the basics of posting to the blog, please explore and experiment with the following options. Your posts will be far more exciting and relevant to the medium when you include links, images, etc. in your posts. NOTE: If at any time you do not appear to see the options explained in this guide, check to see which options you have enabled in your screen options.

Adding or Editing Links in Your Text

Adding links to your post is pretty simple.

  1. In the text area select the text you wish to make a link and then click on the Insert/Edit Link icon in the upper toolbar above the text area.
    1. Add your link in the URL text box, if the link goes to an outside website (not MQR) check the box next to Open link in a new window/tab.
    2. If the link is for a post or page within MQR’s site, do not check Open link in a new window/tab, click Or link to existing content and you can either search for the post or page or select it from the list.
    3. Finally, click the Add Link button and the selected text is now a link.
  2. To edit a link, select the linked text in the text box and click on the Insert/Edit Link icon. The Insert/Edit Link box will appear.
    1. Change the link within the URL text box, check or uncheck the box next to Open link in a new window/tab, or change the post or page the link points to.
    2. To remove a link click anywhere within the linked text and click the Remove Link icon.

Featured Images

Every post must lead with a featured image. The featured image is also used in post listings throughout MQR’s site. Adding a featured image is fairly simple:

  1. In the right-hand column scroll until you find the Featured Image box.
  2. Click Set featured image.
  3. From here you may upload a new image or select an existing image from the Media Library.
  4. has complete instructions on adding a Featured Image to a post.

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