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“Virtual Reality Is the Real…” by Sarah Odishoo

We discover virtually ourselves and others through the language of the brain. And virtual reality is not a physical world but a language the brain receives and translates. And if virtual reality is a language, and God created the world, according to the Bible, by speaking “It is good” to the formless turned “formed,” perhaps we and our universe are virtual realities of a divine verbal order…

“Dear Cora,” by Norma Crawford Tomlinson

Dear Cora, I sat down to read this evening, but somehow my thoughts kept wandering to you, and I’ve put up my book to talk to you. I feel so queer tonight, as if something was going to happen. It’s been coming on all this afternoon. Now to make it perfect I spose that some calamity should occur. But you know I’m not very superstitious.

A Man and an Epigram Walk Into a Bar

what puts you in contact with people you might otherwise never know.”

“False modesty: the writer enraged Toni Morrison’s won the Nobel Prize, but unable to come up with the name of someone he’d prefer.”

“Cloud Food,” by Julia Gibson

It was the third dry year. There had been a stream once, made of snowmelt from the mountains to the north, but even the snow had been sparse the winter our coyote mother met our dad, a dog who had his own concerns. When he stopped showing up, it wasn’t because he didn’t want to, Mam said. His obligations conflicted.