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Winter 2007, Hopwood Award Winners 2000-2006

Hopwood Award Winners 2000-2006

Edited by Nicholas Delbanco and Laurence Goldstein

In the seventy–fifth year of the Hopwood Awards at the University of Michigan, MQR presents selections from new work in different genres by recent recipients of the Hopwood Awards, as well as material bearing upon the subject of creative writing in our time.

Nonfiction: Charles Baxter‘s Hopwood Lecture on 2006, “Losers.” Margaret Lazarus Dean on Ila Borders. Elizabeth Kostova,”In Sydney.” Arthur Miller, an interview while visiting the University of Michigan in 2004. Three review–essays by Ashley David on nonfiction, Benjamin Paloff on poetry, and Preeta Samarasan on fiction.

Fiction: Jeremy Chamberlin, Travis Holland, Cyan James, Valerie Laken, and Patrick O’Keeffe.

Poetry: Robyn Anspach, Philip Crymble, Rae Gouirand, Nicholas Harp, Matthew Hittinger, Evan McGarvey, Jennifer Metsker, Derek Mong, Rachel Richardson, Tung-Hui Hu, and Katie Umans.

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