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Fall 2005, The Documentary Imagination Vol. I

The Documentary Imagination: Vol. I

Edited by Tom Fricke and Keith Taylor

See also: Winter 2006, Volume II

Nonfiction: Mark Auslander on documenting the restoration of an African-American cemetery in Georgia; Barry Lopez interviewed by Michael Shapiro; Erik Mueggler on writing the imperial project; Eileen Pollack on a Jewish cemetery in Detroit; Tom Pohrt curating never-before-circulated photos from the Cuban revolution; Jonathan Raban on James Agee and the limits of documentary style; Keith Taylor on finding in public records the true story of a relative’s suicide in western Canada.

Fiction: Robert Boyers and Melodie Edwards.

Poetry: Anne Carson, Martha Collins, Steve Gehrke, Robert Hershon, Bob Hicok, Thomas Lynch, Gerard Malanga, Jose Edmundo Ocampo Reyes, S. L. Wisenberg. Four previously unpublished poems by Theodore Roethke, with an introduction by Linda Walker .

Reviews: Barry Goldensohn on Raul Hilberg and Raymond McDaniel on a book of poems about a murder case in Ann Arbor.

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