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Summer 2007

Judy Labensohn on Mount Zion; Berel Lang guides a tour of Jerusalem; Mahmoud Shukair remembers Jerusalem; Lisa Knopp on Nine-Mile Prairie in Nebraska Fiction by Avital Gad-Cykman, Daniel Herwitz Poetry by Helen Ransom Forman, Karen Alkalay-Gut, Sabina Messeg, Yakov Azriel, Nidaa Khouri, Hayan Charara, David

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Spring 2007

H.P. Secher remembers a summer in 1938 Berlin; John Felstiner on ecology and religion; Alicia Ostriker on the Book of Job; a personal essay by Henry Van Dyke; Mary Cappello on silent films Fiction by Ery Ritsou, Joyce Carol Oates, John Tait Poetry by Bertolt

Winter 2007 Cover

Winter 2007

In the seventy–fifth year of the Hopwood Awards at the University of Michigan, MQR presents selections from new work in different genres by recent recipients of the Hopwood Awards, as well as material bearing upon the subject of creative writing in our time. Edited by Nicholas Delbanco and Laurence Goldstein.

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Fall 2006

Philip D. Beidler on August Wilson, Mary Helen Specht on the critical power of cool, Harry Thomas on John Berryman and Ezra Pound, and a personal essay by Nigel Gearing. Plus: Diana Woodcock on Qatar, and Natania Rosenfeld on the value of miniatures.

Fiction by Olufunke Grace Bankole and Joe Ashby Porter.

Poetry by Kimberly Johnson, Michael Waters, Warren Slesinger, John Berryman, Christine Rhein, Michael Atkinson, Charles Harper Webb, Paula Bohince, Catherine Staples, and Sandra M. Gilbert.

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Summer 2006

Jeffrey Meyers on Picasso, Hemingway, and Harold Loeb; a letter from Ernest Hemingway; Marshall Sahlins on Western Civilization; George Steinmetz on documenting Detroit; Lee Zacharias on 1940s South Side Chicago Fiction by Susan Hahn, Castle Freeman, Jr. Poetry by Laurence Goldstein, Steven Henry Madoff, Ann