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Of Sentient Donkeys, Supple Ironies and Artful Digressions: An Interview with James Morrison

“Mainly, I wanted to avoid talking down to an audience of new readers. My teaching experience had convinced me that as long as the writing was concrete, as long as sentences were sharply honed, as long as ideas were connected clearly, as long as the pacing had some momentum–in other words, as long as the writing adhered to certain well-known standards for good writing across the board–new readers could respond to it.”

An Interview with Keith Taylor

“When I wrote that I’d like to be clear-headed about it all, it was a small longing in me to have some kind of scientific clarity that the best scientists no longer believe in. But it is hard for me to experience that level of relatively undisturbed wilderness, the presence of those incredible animals, and the deep sense of the force of Lake Superior, without feeling that these things are signs of something, in addition to having the incredible weight of their own presence.”

On “Space, In Chains”: An Interview with Laura Kasischke

“I need an idea before I can sit down to write a poem — an image, a metaphorical suggestion, some music, a sense of atmosphere. Generally I need to have had the idea long enough that it’s starting to annoy me, and then I proceed (long hand and in a raggedy notebook) to proceed associatively. I want the subconscious to surprise me. Sometimes it does. This requires a lot of revision later.”