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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Fearsome Beauty, the Art of Lauren Boilini

* Robert Sparrow Jones *

“I thought I was touching God the first time I tackled someone in a rugby practice. When I played rugby I loved being crushed into a scrum, pushed into the inside of a maul, piled into a ruck. I loved being a part of bodies on top of bodies, on top of bodies, and I think that has reflected in my work over the years. Open water swimming is all about vast, open space that surrounds you, and over time that has become a necessary contrast to the compression of space that I usually look for.” –Lauren Boilini

Midnight Reads

* Mary Camille Beckman *

How do I soothe myself when I react, as if allergic, to my own need for sleep? Just calm down, I plead. My insomnia strides forward, unchecked.

Bob Hicok's "Duh"

* Claire Skinner *

I’m lying on the bed reading Bob Hicok. Have you read him? He’s a loquacious, lively poet who takes me by the hand and says, “Let’s talk about French kissing and grammar and death in the span of a couple dozen lines, okay?”

Stefa in 1947

“Remembering Stefania Wortman,” by Marcin Otto

* nonfiction by Marcin Otto, from Stefanie Wortman’s essay in MQR 53:3 Summer 2014 * In early 1940, several months into the Nazi occupation, Elektoralna found itself in the middle of a huge quarter called the Warsaw Ghetto, surrounded by a tall wall. Eleonora was Jewish but apparently she abandoned the flat with her children and stayed outside of the Ghetto, concealing their Jewish identities. In practice, it was a question of whether you looked Semitic and had the papers in order.

Summer 2014 Cover

Summer 2014

Jerry Dennis looks at the history of confining birds, Zhanna Slor comments on her family, Brenda Hood comments on hers, Stefanie Wortman discovers her namesake’s life in the Warsaw Ghetto and beyond, Mukund Belliappa explores the coolie experience in the former British Empire, Josh Lambert reviews books on the history of publishing.

Poetry by Rachel Morgenstern-Clarren, Kyle McCord, Alison Prine, Jack Ridl, Jennifer Sperry Steinorth, Elizabeth Schmuhl, Kara Van De Graaf, Cindy Veach, Sara Wallace.

Fiction by Dariel Suarez, Rachel Groves, Katherine L. Hester, Victoria Lancelotta.