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Daily Archives: October 16, 2013

Warsaw Dispatch: Success, an Experiment

* Ashley David *

Oh, Ben Franklin and your worm. What if, like a bat, I prefer more agile prey? Today, I read yet another piece that equates success with early rising. Not in all my days have I been inclined to be an early, nor an easy, riser. From my earliest memories, my family called me Bear and warned any and all about the risks of monkeying around with a hibernating grizzly. Some time in the womb, however, I developed ambitions on par with a grizzly’s ferocity. They have fueled most everything I do with the exception of setting an alarm. Until now. I’ve grown weary of hearing that success will never be mine because I don’t catch the damn worm. I’m also genuinely beginning to worry that perhaps success will never be mine because I don’t. So, as is my m.o., I’m establishing an experiment. If I switch my metaphorical diet, and my literal schedule, for six weeks, will I be more successful?